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MIS470 HW Ch 2 - SABRE a computer reservation system that...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 470 T 2-4:30pm Ch.2 Pg 96 1) The five waves of innovation from Primozic and colleagues are: Wave 1, Reducing costs, increasing productivity, while reducing administrative costs by automation. Wave 2, Leveraging investments, use of assets to increase profitability by saving and making more money. Wave 3, Enhancing products and services by gaining strategic advantage or creating entirely new businesses. Wave 4, Enhancing executive decision making by changing the fundamental structure, and creating real-time management systems. Wave 5, Reaching the consumer and communicating directly by creating new e-commerce, and wireless technologies. 2) The three ways American Airlines is reaching the consumer is: 1. creating EAASY
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Unformatted text preview: SABRE, a computer reservation system that customers can access through their computers. 2. Introducing frequent flier program to encourage repeat business by rewards. 3. Developing a Web site to allow customers to purchase tickets, and check flights in real-time. 3) According to Cox the four areas that make up the overall responsibility of the IS function are: 1. Run operations, computers and networks. 2. Develop systems, developing and maintaining systems, designing new systems, and update existing ones. 3. Develop architecture, setting a strategy and maintaining an architecture for both IT and 1 information. 4. Identify business requirements, help articulate what the business needs from IT. 2...
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  • Spring '07
  • Sabre, entirely new businesses, Frequent flier program, Enhancing executive decision, real-time management systems, ways American Airlines

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