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Prof. Mullen MIS 400 T 2-4:30pm RE: HW 6 Ch 11 Pg.423 11.1 The internet is a large global network made up of smaller networks linked by communication protocols. There are three possible uses of the internet for business activity. One is global electronic commerce, which allows the consumer to shop from their computer. The other two are marketing and advertising, these include websites and pay-per-click ads. 11.3 Businesses use encryption to protect consumers from data theft when transacting on the internet. Encryption is the process of coding data for transmission. A cipher is the algorithm for encryption and decryption of the message or data. A secret key is available to the intended recipients allowing access to the cipher. Most commercial encryption methods rely on the public/private key method where the public key is available to anyone as a digital certificate but the private key is known only to the recipient.
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Unformatted text preview: Ch 12 Pg. 451 12. 1 Mobile computing is the use of mobile devices and technologies to access data and information through wired or wireless connections from any location, anywhere and at anytime. The main characteristics of mobile computing consist of laptops, smart phones and PDAs, using these devices enables one to receive and transmit data via the internet from anywhere. 12.2 The main business application of mobile computing is to support the mobile workforce. Occupations such as, sales, real estate and consultants are routinely away from the office and require access to corporate information. A wireless PDA can be used to access the corporate database for pricing, products, or check stock availability. In addition, orders or other information can be directly submitted. Another applications is e-mail, a workforce has a business advantage to be able to access e-mail remotely....
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