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MIS470 HW CH 14 - Third communities are important because...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 470 T 2-4:30pm Ch 14 Pg.606 1. According to Hammer a processed centered organization differs from a task centered one, because, a process centered organization revolves around taking a whole piece of the business flow and having it managed by one or more people from beginning to end. Where as the task centered one is broken down into small parts managed by a boss (es). The complex processed centered organization has more responsibility to see that the objective of the business is completed in an efficient and satisfactory way. 2. According to Brown and Solomon Gray, communities are the building blocks of knowledge-based companies. For one, people not processes do the work. Informal ways that people do the work cannot be anticipated. Two, learning is about work and vice versa, within groups, tactic knowledge exists in practice and relationships that are based on people working together over time.
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Unformatted text preview: Third, communities are important because organizations are webs of participation. When the participation changes, the organization changes. Companies realize the power of the commitment of the people to who make a winning company. 1 3. National Semiconductor has done a complete turnaround in using CoP’s after a business failure. Their new plan incorporated CoP’s and made them central to the business plan. The CoP’s energized and mobilized the engineers. They shaped the strategy and then implemented it. Although working in different area’s a CoP group loosely formed that has experience in PLL (phase lock loops) because they shared and swapped knowledge. They eventually became proficient in this area and National Semiconductor brought design plans to them for review. They now have a more formal establishment to help share the ability to foster more groups like themselves. 2...
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MIS470 HW CH 14 - Third communities are important because...

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