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MIS371 HW CH4 - The larger the project the larger the...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 371 M 2-4:30pm Ch. 4 Pg 141 2) The key elements of the System Proposal are the: System Request, why we need this project. Planning Phase, what methodologies will be used, including the revised feasibilities studies, and work plan. Analysis Phase, which business requirements will we need and how we determined them. A system development can be approached in two ways. My opinion on whether a single, monolithic project, vs. a series of smaller projects really depends on the size of the project. I would use a method in which all the requirements are considered at once for BPA up to small BPI restructuring. For a larger BPI, and definitely BPR, smaller system requirements, done separately, would be more useful in getting the information to be accurate and complete. The Systems Analysis Design Textbook says, “…. the majority of systems fail using single approach.” That’s why RAD, and Agile methods have been mostly used because they are more reliable.
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Unformatted text preview: The larger the project the larger the requirement gathering needs to be, However using JAD to implement a small tweak to the current system would be overkill and not cost effective. That is why I believe both methods should be use, and determined based on the size of the project. A single approach may be better for a small project, and, RAD or Agile for larger projects. 1 4) Functional requirement is directly related to the process the system has to perform, and, or, the information it needs to contain. The two types are process-oriented, and information-oriented. A Process-oriented example would be: 1) System needs to check inventory for availability 2) Allow customers to pay for items, 3) Allow customers to check their order history. An Information-oriented example would be: 1) Update inventory in real-time, 2) Use database to access budget and cash flow and management reports, 3) Use system to track customer orders for a specified period of time. 2...
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  • Fall '06
  • Requirements analysis, single approach, small BPI restructuring, Systems Analysis Design Textbook, Analysis Design Textbook

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MIS371 HW CH4 - The larger the project the larger the...

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