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MIS400 HW CH 8 - cultural behavior and various other environmental and ethical considerations within the business environment • The technological

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Prof. Mullen MIS 400 T 2-4:30pm Ch 8 Pg.327 8.1 The four main components of the business environment are the legal and political environment, economic environment, cultural and global environment and the technology environment. The legal and political environment consist of government laws, business legislation and other directives that influence the activities of an organization and dictate the manner in which the data is handled, stored and disseminated. The economic environment is the performance of the national economies and international money markets that in turn affect taxation levels, trading quotas, inflation rates and national economic growth rates. The cultural and global environment is how people relate to business activity and their conceptual ideas of business practice. Cultural factors are influenced by fashions, tastes,
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Unformatted text preview: cultural behavior and various other environmental and ethical considerations within the business environment. • The technological environment is the way that information and communications technology influences the competitive nature of all business organizations. 8.4 The three ways the government of a country can influence business activities are; • Direct state intervention through government agencies that control business activities. • Economic and fiscal policy to control inflation rates and economic growth. • Legislation affecting company law, contract law and employment law. Legislation is concerned with how a company discloses data to the public. Normal business activity is guided by contract law. Employment law is concerned with the health and safety of the employee and matters of employee rights....
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