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MIS470 HW Ch 8

MIS470 HW Ch 8 - Other measures include logging performance...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 470 T 2-4:30pm Ch 8 Pg.347 1) The main shift in the operations viewpoint has been managing outward instead of inward. It is the managing of the company’s relationships with the IT ESPs, who take over the day-to-day operations. 2) The operational solutions according to William Congleton are Operational measures, both the internal, and the external. Continually document and measure what you are doing to find out the real problem. External measures are response time, system and network uptime or downtime, and program failures.
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Unformatted text preview: Other measures include logging performance of equipment, and managing space efficiently. 3) Microsoft managed its OEM Webcast using edge servers handled by Akamai. Serving sixty-sixty countries. They streamed the Webcast, and using their Netpodium service Microsoft was able to receive hundreds of live questions. The global distribution system of these servers did not have a centralized location, so if one server was to fail the information could be routed to another....
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