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MIS371 HW CH5 - This also helps to clarify the requirements...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 371 M 2-4:30pm Ch.5 Pg 166 1) The purpose of developing a use case analysis is to define the importance of each input and output in a text-based language. Use case describes the process, in which the steps of an action will be performed, by whom or what, and, what the end result will be. 2) Use case relates to the requirements because use case is extrapolated from the requirement definition of the analysis. Use case will review the requirements of the system process and break every piece into steps preformed.
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Unformatted text preview: This also helps to clarify the requirements determinants. 3) The elements of use case basic information are; assign a name and number to a use case process, rank it in term of high to low importance level. A simple description is used to clarify who the actors are and their role in the system, what will trigger the events to happen, and describe the steps performed after the events are triggered. 1...
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