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History Exam 1 Notes copy - Western Civ History 101 Exam 1...

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Western Civ History 101 Exam 1 Notes Civilization = Domestication When people stopped living in temporary shelters, & started living in permanent shelters that cannot be moved. Then developed a social-political-hierarchal structure. 1. Hunter-gathers != Civilized (!= is not equal) 2. Farmers = Civilized o 3. 7000 BC = Beginning of Civilization: Most forced decision ever made. o 7000 BC End of Ice Age o Mesopotamia; Hunter gathers became farmers moved to river to water land and feed animals o 2 theories: 1. Climate bad needed change 2. Climate good -overpopulated (Bible made note of change in garden of eden = became hell…reference to Mesopotamia) MESOPOTAMIA 3000 BC (Named by Greeks =between two rivers; Tigris and Euphrates,) Where did they come from? 1. No one really knows. Who are they? 1. Sumerians: spoke Sumerian, got there 1 st 2. Semites: spoke Semitic everyone knew it (became Arabic), they adopted Sumerian alphabet. a. Cuneiform - tablature writing –reed marks on clay tablets. 1st written lang. in Western world. 3. City-States = a city that is an independent nation state City – a community of individuals State- an independent nation 1. City-states spend their whole time fighting 2. Mesopotamian’s lived in city-states: fought constantly. Occasionally they unified but it never lasted. When they were busy fighting each other, outsiders came in and took over. 3. Religion != Salvation, 1
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a. Temple Community – shape is a Ziggurat (building layered -looks like stairs) God lives at the top (penthouse) All the people are owned by the town, which is owned by the God. Everyone is a social class of Zero.
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History Exam 1 Notes copy - Western Civ History 101 Exam 1...

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