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MIS470 HW CH 11 - The many types of models are: strategic,...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 470 T 2-4:30pm Ch. 11 Pg. 495 1. DSS is Decision Support System. It is a computer-based system that help managers make better choices regarding the business processes, through direct interaction that includes data and analysis models. 2. The architecture design of DSS as defined by Sprague and Carlson are The dialog component; this links the user to the system. One style uses the mouse to access pull down menus. The current standard is the browser interface. The data component; this data is accessed directly by the user, or is a imput to the model component. It is summarized data, not transaction data. It keep the transaction data away from the end user. Most commonly, the data component is taken from data mining and data warehousing. The model component; models perform the analysis in DSS using mathematical representation of the problem.
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Unformatted text preview: The many types of models are: strategic, tactical, operational, and includes model building blocks and subroutines. 3. Institutional DSS is generally written using a decision support language. It is intended for organizational support on a continuous basis. An example is the Ore-Ida Foods, Inc., their data retrieval helps managers find answers to “What happened?” They purchase external data such as economic indexes and forecasts. Then they use market analysis telling them “Why did it happen?” Comprising of about seventy percent, data from several sources is combined and relationships are sought. They will evaluate the relationship between produce prices and market share. The modeling, to be successful must be constantly up-to-date; this is done by the managers. The modeling helps get answers to what-if questions....
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MIS470 HW CH 11 - The many types of models are: strategic,...

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