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MIS371 HW CH15 - 4) The object approach supports the design...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 371 M 2-4:30pm Ch.15 Pg 535 2) The object approach differs from the data and process approaches because object approach combines data and process together. The object-orientation system focuses on capturing the structure and behavior of information in modules that encompass both data and process. Traditional systems had to use the data and process as separate structures in order to build a system to run on a mainframe. 3) The object approach can improve the system development process. Combining the data and process simultaneously allows greater efficiency. The programmer can build these as individual pieces then combine to form a system. The analyst can take a complex system and break it down into smaller components. These objects can be reused repeatedly without changing the system design. The concept is easier to grasp, communicate to users, and confirm how well the system meets its requirements.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) The object approach supports the design concepts of cohesion and coupling. Coupling in the object approach describes the interdependency between methods and between object classes. The cohesion is the binding of the elements within one method and within one object class. Methods are the basic means, and similar to modules in procedure-oriented systems 1 5) UML is a non-proprietary, third generation modeling language. The Unified Modeling Language is an open method used to specify, visualize, construct and document the object-oriented software system. UML succeeds the concepts of Booch, OMT and OOSE by fusing them into a single, common and widely usable modeling language, therefore supporting the object approach to system development. It is the integration among the diagramming techniques, and their applications that lead to code generation and development. 2...
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MIS371 HW CH15 - 4) The object approach supports the design...

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