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MIS470 HW Ch 7 - stored. The data record consists of data...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 470 T 2-4:30pm RE: HW 5 Ch 7 Pg.295 1) Data, information, and knowledge are different. Data consist of just the facts, its meaning and intent relate to its specific use. Information is about the context of that data, and it gives explicit meaning to specific context. Knowledge is the information with direction. How we can use that information to make decisions. 2) The three-level database concept is comprised of: Level 1, the external, conceptual, or local level. It contains the many user views of the data. Level 1 is not concerned with how data is physically stored, or what data is used by other applications. Level 2 is the logical or enterprise data. It is all the organizational relevant data under control of the data administrators. Data and relationships are represented. However, its implementation is removed. Level 3 is the physical or storage level. It specifies the way data is physically
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Unformatted text preview: stored. The data record consists of data fields and some implementation data. The end user is not generally concerned with these pointers and flags. The advantage of the three-level concept is Level 2 absorbs changes made at Level 3, such as using a new physical storage method, so that individual application programs in Level 1 do not need to be changes when the physical layer changes. In addition, data only needs to be stored in Level 2 once, and different programs can retrieve that data. 3) The four database models are: Hierarchical Model, parent child model; Network Model, more than one parent; Relational Model, items are related based on values stores; Object Model, stored and manages objects. Each consists of data, methods, attributes, and relationships between these objects and others....
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MIS470 HW Ch 7 - stored. The data record consists of data...

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