Syllabus Criminal Justice 113

Syllabus Criminal Justice 113 - 90 a The key to successful...

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Criminal Justice 113 Introduction to Criminal Law Spring 2008 Mr. Jose L. Texidor, Jr. Email: [email protected] Make appointments via email, however contact TAs initially COURSE DESCRIPTION / OBJECTIVES: Criminal Justice 113 is an Intoduction to Criminal Law in society with a focus on Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Specific Crimes, Defences, and Law of Sentencing and Corrections. COURSE TEXT: Anniken U. Davenport, Basic Criminal Law , New Jersey, Prentice Hall 2006 HANDOUTS: Issued in class throughout the semester and will supplement the course. GRADING PROCEDURE: 1. Attendance 10% a. Attendance is Mandatory . After Dropp/Add, an attendance procedure used by the TAs will commence. Please note that it is your responsibility to check your attendance with your TA to ensure tit is accurately and properly recorded. The third “unexcused” absence is a 0/10 and starts your grade with a B+. Please note that an “excused” absence must be both reported to the TA immediately and supported with written documentation 2. Three 55 question m/c tests
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Unformatted text preview: 90% a. The key to successful results in the multiple choice tests requires proper preparation; that is, the careful, thorough, critical, and analytical reading of the assigned text material; review of handouts; and attendance… There are no shortcuts. b. Note: For example, the grading scale where an A requires a numerical average of 95 and above with no rounding c. All 3 tests will be given on Tuesdays DATE (WEEK OF) TOPIC CHAPTER 14 Jan 08 Intro & Orientation 1, 2, 3 21 Jan 08 Intro & Orientation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Criminal Procedure 28 Jan 08 Criminal Procedure 4, 5, 6 Cases 04 Feb 08 Cases 4, 5, 6 Review 11 Feb 08 Test 1, Test Review--18 Feb 08 Crimes 8-12 25 Feb 08 Crimes 03 Mar 08 Crimes Cases 10-14 Mar 08 Spring Break – Enjoy! 17 Mar 08 Crimes Cases Review 24 Mar 08 Test 2 31 Mar 08 Social Crimes 13 Cases 07 Apr 08 Sentencing 7 / HO Corrections 21 Apr 08 Defenses 14 Evaluations Review 28 Apr 08 Test 3 Note: NO FINAL EXAM IS SCHEDULED DURING FINAL EXAM WEEK...
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Syllabus Criminal Justice 113 - 90 a The key to successful...

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