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Unformatted text preview: Pennsylvania State University College of Communications Department of Telecommunications Spring 2008 COMM 498F Public Scholarship and Communication Policy Carnegie 3 TR 2:15-3:45 Syllabus Instructor : Amit M. Schejter, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant: Jonathan Obar Office : 106 Carnegie Office Hours: By appointment Telephone : 865-3717 Email: through ANGEL Office Hours : TR 12:45-2:15 or by appointment Email : through ANGEL only Course Objective : Communication policy and its outcomes weigh heavily on the quality of our lives as citizens and on the quality of the environment in which decisions regarding our future as a civic society are being made. Students who value the quality of communication in the public sphere and who have an interest in communication policy issues will get an opportunity in this course to put these interests to practical use. "Public Scholarship and Communication Policy" will provide students with an opportunity to experience hands-on the works of media advocacy groups. Students will be engaged in studying communication policy issues raised by civil and consumer rights advocates and assist them in raising awareness to these issues and crafting policy solutions to the challenges they pose. Course structure, outline, schedule and reading list : A. The course readings include the following: 1. Todd Gitlin (2003) Letters to a Young Activist . New York: Basic Book (hereinafter: Gitlin) 2. Assorted readings as appearing in this syllabus (all electronically accessible). B. Readings are assigned according to the following schedule. C. Communication policy is a living entity that is in constant change and development. You are expected to come to class after you have read the assigned reading for the topic to be discussed that day. Note : The schedule is subject to changes, and will be updated if needed during the course of the semester. Readings may be added, removed or declared elective. Such information will be announced in class and emailed to students through ANGEL. D. The telecommunications industry in general, and the regulatory activity within it in particular, are dynamic and are an essential element in this course. In addition to the course readings, students are required to 2 1. Subscribe and follow daily the Benton Foundation communications related headlines, which can be accessed at: 2. Subscribe and follow the daily reports of the Media Reform Daily , which can be accessed at These news sources and events they cover will be discussed in class and you are expected to have read them prior to coming in to class....
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SYLLABUS498FSPRING08 - Pennsylvania State University...

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