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Chapter 2 Where am I? Daniel C. Dennett - In this science fiction story, Dennett explores the mind body problem from as realistic a sci-fi lens as is believable in a more technologically advanced society. He proposes this scenario; if his brain was removed from his body and still functioned normally outside of his body, where would the true essence of Dennett be? In his brain or in his physical body? He says, quite understandably, that is difficult to think of your brain as who you are; more properly your body sees the real “you”. - In his story, hi refers to his brain as Yorick and to his body as Hamlet. He, however is still Dennett. He proposes these three ideas about the real Dennet: 1. Where Hamlet goes, there goes Dennett: It is easier for most people to think about the real them as their body. 2. Where Yorick goes there goes Dennett: One could plausibly switch bodies with someone but one’s brain is what makes one themselves. 3.
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