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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility - Corporate Social...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Kyle Bouffard Bua 325 Scott Anchors Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the practice of a business to take into account its actions on the community by taking responsibility for how it impacts the business’s employees, shareholders, customers and the environment. CSR is a concept that not only helps the business but also helps everything that comes into contact with the business. By doing things to help the environment, like going green, it doesn’t only help the environment but it also casts a good imagine on the company which most likely will get more customers because of there care for the environment. So CSR is a great way for the business to make itself look good and gain some new customers. There is also an opposite of CSR like when Mattel Toys had an issue with lead in children’s toys because they outsourced it to a cheaper Chinese manufacturer that doesn’t practice CSR. (www.wikipedia.com ) When making business decisions a leader of an organization must always keep in mind how CSR will affect his/her company. If a leader wants to cut costs by outsourcing jobs then they must take into account the
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negative aspects of there actions. Sure they will be cutting cost by using a foreign labor force, but how will the citizens of America look at the company. There customers might not want to buy products for them anymore because there not American made. So the decision to cut
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Corporate Social Responsibility - Corporate Social...

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