NATURE OF SEXISM - Sexism The belief that one sex is...

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Sexism: The belief that one sex is innately superior to the other, ideological basis of patriarchy. Institutional Sexism : found throughout the economy, with women highly concentrated in low-paying jobs. Patriarchy : a form of social organizations in which males dominate females Matriarchy: a form of social organization in which females dominate males, has never occurred in human history Types of Feminism: Liberal Feminism: Classic liberal thinking that individuals should be free to develop their own talents and pursue there own interests. They seek to expand the rights and opportunites of women and accept basic organization of society. Socialist Feminism: derived from Marx’s ideas. Do not feel that reforms supported by liberal feminist go far enough. Want to changed societys view of family, and have equality instead a patriarch family. Feel a socialist revolution would create a state-centered economy. Radical Feminism: finds liberal feminism inadequate. Believe that patriarchy is firmly entrenched that even a socialist revolution would not end it. Reaching goal equality means that society must eliminate gender itself. Want to use new reproductive technology so woman don’t need to carry babies, and put an end to gender inequality. Mead On Gender. Studied three different societies, found out that culture is key to gender distinctions because what one society defines as masculine another may see as feminine. Tchambuli – reversal of gender in society, men did female roles Mundugumor – masculine Arapesh – feminine Polygamy – marriage that unites three or more people Monogamy – marriage that unites two partners Endogamy – Marriage between people of same social category Exogamy – Marriage between people of different social categories Polyandry – unites one woman and two or more men – only in Tibet Ploygyny – marriage that unites one man and two or more woman Downry – Parents of the bride offer a lot of stuff like kitchen utensils to a house
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Progeny Price – You have to negotiate the amount of money your going to give a family for the daughter. Incest Taboo – a norm forbidding sexual relation or marriage between certain relatives. Talcott Parsons Gender
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NATURE OF SEXISM - Sexism The belief that one sex is...

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