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Is there a Canadian folklore

Is there a Canadian folklore - example”(Archer Taylor...

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Is there a Canadian folklore? Obstacles to defining Canadian folklore: - Weak national identity vs. strong regional identity - The “Language Issue” o French – English o Native o In the west Chinese, indain and other asian languages o Prariries Various Eastern European languages - Multiculturalism:national culture difficult to isolate - But do we need national culture to have folklore? - What is folklore? What is Folklure? Folklure as item: …materual that is handed on by tradition, either by word of mouth or by
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Unformatted text preview: example”(Archer Taylor 1948) Folklore as process or performance: “Artistic[expressive] communication in small groups”(Dan Ben-Amos, 1967) Folklore as “item” …materual that is handed on by tradition, either by word of mouth or by example”(Archer Taylor 1948) Seeks historical continuities between different kinds of expressive forms Broadly grouped as: o Oral Lore(songs tales,saying) o...
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