Energy Balance and Healthy body weight

Energy Balance and Healthy body weight - Energy Balance and...

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Energy Balance and Healthy body weight Calorie – a measure of energy, measures heat or the energy the is it that food 4 calories per gram for carbs and protein 9 per gram for fat I our deits 45 -65% for carbs and 10-35% from protein and from fat 20-35% Carbs is the preferred source of energy, fat is need for storage, protein is for building and maintaining tissue. How many calories do I need daily – Baso needs, physical activity, thermogenic effect of foods, Basometobolic needs – depends of surface area, age and gender, they comproprise the largest component since that is the energy is used for running the body, that includes circulation, respiration, temperature regulation, nerve activity, and new nerve synthesis. Basometobolic demands decrease as we get older and woman have lower rates then males who have larger amounts of muscle body tissue. Sleep influences if you sleep more then 6 hours a night by decressing. Fasting and malnutrion also decrease them. Increase when ones body temperature is above normal or one is stressed for surgery. Ones body build influences, Overwieght and Underweight. BMI – body mass index, only takes in the height and weight of an individual, most widely used tool Calipers – and used to measure fat Tape measurer – used to measure girth Underwater weighing, bio electrical impendence, or radiographic techniques Obesity Hunger – physiological Appitie – psychological memory of how food tatsed A common stragedy is increased physical activity, Set broad goals for ending results and set smaller goals for dietary, physical activity, and behavorial changes. Record food intake and exercise habits. Self monitoring, and have to reward there behavioral changes. Nutrient Density – Amount of nutrients per calorie Eg. A traditional breakfast fruit,ceral eggs and toast and to donut breakfast both have 500 calories and good one has 20% nutrient density and the donut has only 5 Person losing weight should be able to identify the nutrient dense foods an be carful to get those into his diet. A high energy food is one that contains more fat and carbohydrate then water. More water greater density of calories
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Energy Balance and Healthy body weight - Energy Balance and...

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