Exam Review - Metacom’s downfall – Couldn’t unite...

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Race/Eth Exam 1 Review 9-28-07 Ida B. Wells – Black schoolteacher from TN who was against lynching and fought against it. She wrote a book called Southern Horrors. She moved to the north to become a member of the NAACP. W.E.B. Du Bois – Hated the French, so his name is pronounced (DU-BOYS), not (DU- BWAH). He writes about sharecropping in his book, The Souls of Black Folk, in 1903. He also edited Crisis , the newspaper of the NAACP. CHRONOLOGY IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Field Order #15 – Formal name for 40 acres and a mule. Not given to every single slave, but only a few. They never really got the land anyways. George Kimble – Darkest thing about Africa is the ignorance. READ PAGES 1-20 OF THE BOOK Abel Muripole – Writer of Strange Brew, a poem later put into a song by Billie Holliday. It’s about Lynching. Major John Rich – Drove out people by selling their land illegally. Different Tribes of Africa – Big Picture, not small concepts.
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Unformatted text preview: Metacom’s downfall – Couldn’t unite Native American tribes. Alfred Smith – Irish Immigration. He is Irish. He is Roman Catholic. US Presidental Candidate but loses. Kennedy becomes first Roman Catholic president Tsali – Renegade at the end of the trail of the tears. He was killed Samuel Tilden – Part of Election of 1876, Year before great compromise of Hayes winning the presidency, but the south getting back into the US. Jim Crow Laws – Segregation laws to continue society’s view of blacks from Slavery. Stanley Elkins – Concentrate on the way it was perceived. Pickaninny – Way black children were portrayed in cartoons and other entertainment. Blackface – Way blacks were portrayed until about 1920 in entertainment. Wade-Davis Bill – Reconstruction. Punishes the South. TD Rice – Cultural Vampirism. He pretended to be a black man, even though he was white. He started blackface....
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Exam Review - Metacom’s downfall – Couldn’t unite...

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