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9-18 - iii Reject all European Models IV Athol Fugard(South...

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Theatre 9-18-07 African Theatre I. Early African Theatre a. Egyptian Ritual b. Abydos Passion Play (2500-550 BC) c. Ikhernofret (1887-1849 BC) II. African Theatre a. Storytelling (Griot) b. Simple Enactments c. Ritualized Enactments d. Ceremonial Performances e. Theatrical Conventions i. Music, Voice and Rhythm ii. No Pretense of Realism iii. Dance/ Movement iv. Masks and Color v. Purpose III. African Theatre & Colonialism a. Major Categories i. Fully Emulate European ii. African Issues, European Approach
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Reject all European Models IV. Athol Fugard (South Africa) a. Space Theatre (Cape Town, 1972) b. Master Harold… And The Boys V. Wole Soyinka (Nigeria) a. Death and the Kings Horsemen b. First African to win Nobel Prize for Literature VI. Ngugi wa Thiong’o (Kenya) a. Kamiriithu Community Educational & Culture Center at Limuru (1976) b. Ngaahika Ndeenda i. (I’ll Marry When I Want)...
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