A very small tut for RealMedia

A very small tut for RealMedia - Ex I put my playlist file...

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Sheet1 Page 1 You may find this helpful if you donwload hundreds of short episodes in rm format like me and tired of double-click to open ne x Very easy. Use notepad to open a new file, type this inside: file://link to file1 file://link to file2 (type as many as you want) Close file. Rename it to FileName.rm Then you`re done!!!!
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Unformatted text preview: Ex: I put my playlist file here: C:\Movies\7VNR And the movie files are in C:\Movies\7VNR\DragonBall Then inside my playlist file I`ll have something like this: file://DragonBall/db134.rm file://DragonBall/db135.rm file://DragonBall/db136.rm file://DragonBall/db137.rm file://DragonBall/db138.rm...
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