QUIZ 3 - Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true...

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Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. __ T__ 1. User-executable program files have .exe filename extensions. __ T__ 2. The main executable file provides the primary set of instructions for the computer to execute and calls various support programs and data files as needed. __ F__ 3. Like a main executable file, a support program is designed to be run by the computer user. __ F__ 4. Support programs and data files can not be modified without changing the main executable file. __ F__ 5. Software is categorized as user software or system software. __ F__ 6. The primary purpose of application software is to help people carry out tasks using a computer. __ F__ 7. In all computers, the entire operating system is small enough to be stored in ROM. __ T__ 8. The term “resource” refers to any component that is required to perform work. __ F__ 9. The term “buffer” is technical jargon for the core part of the operating system. __ T__ 10. The operating system’s small bootstrap program is stored in ROM. __ T__ 11. Windows provides a Help system that you can use to find out how various commands work. __ F__ 12. Few of today's desktop operating systems provide multitasking capabilities. __ F__ 13. Mac OS is installed on more than 80% of the world’s personal computers. __ T__ 14. A decent collection of software is available for computers that run Windows, but the selection is not as vast as the collection for Mac OS. __ T__ 15. Although Linux is designed for microcomputers, it shares several technical features with UNIX, such as multitasking, virtual memory, TCP/IP drivers, and multiuser capabilities. __ F__ 16. Today’s users interact with DOS, which stands for Disk Operating System, on a daily basis. __ T__ 17. Word processing software gives you the ability to create, spell-check, edit, and format a document on the screen before you commit it to paper. __ T__ 18. Although today's desktop publishing software provides many page layout and design features, word processing software provides more sophisticated features to help you produce professional- quality output for newspapers, newsletters, brochures, magazines, and books. __ T__ 19. When a spreadsheet cell contains a formula, it displays the result of the formula rather than the formula itself. __ T__ 20. Database software helps you to enter, find, organize, update, and report information stored in a database. . __ F__ 21. Database software stores data as a series of fields, which are composed of records that hold data. __ T__ 22. A query language, such as SQL, provides a set of commands for locating and manipulating data. __ F__ 23. MP3 sequencing software and software synthesizers are an important part of the studio musician's toolbox; they are great for sound effects and for controlling keyboards and other digital instruments. __ T__ 24. A software purchaser has the right to copy software from a distribution disk or Web site to a
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QUIZ 3 - Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true...

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