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Chapter 11 Study Guide- Child and Adolescent

Chapter 11 Study Guide- Child and Adolescent - Dodd 1 Reece...

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Dodd 1 Reece Dodd Dr. Hardy EDFN 2053 Chap 11 Study Guide Animism- Attribution of lifelike qualities to inanimate objects. Artificialism- Belief that naturally occurring events are caused by people. Multistore Models- Name for many traditional information-processing models which posit several mental structures through which information flows. Sensory Register- Memory store that holds information for very brief periods of time in a form that closely resembles the initial input. Working Memory- Short term memory store in which mental operation such as rehearsal and categorization take place Long-term Memory- Memory that holds information for extended periods of time. Limited Resource model- Information processing model that emphasizes the allocation of finite energy within cognitive system. Memory Span- Number of stimulus items that can be recalled after a brief interval of time. Recency Effect- Tendency for individuals to show good recall for the last few items in a list.
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