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Q5_230p1 - NAME Physics 132 2:30 Section 30 minutes 1(5...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME Physics 132 February 19, 2008, 2:30 Section 30 minutes 1. (5 points) A fuse in an electric circuit is made from a wire which melts at a current density of 600 A/cmz. What diameter wire should be used to make a fuse limiting the current to 1.0 A? Aw we“ “a?” 5 r? 3— “I’m Airs}? flies, (Ii é‘S fit-{[5953 $01349!- W C "“5? wires dd 3;: q'é)‘ ififlzefllm . ,' . “‘55 .t l1" 4% ,fl-fl a: Z‘g%gé 5min- 2) (5 points) A wire of resistance 12 ohms is drawn through a die to four times its original length. Find the resistance of the longer wire, assuming the resistivity and density of the material are unchanged. [Q J? 4/9 'www .26. gwfifiZ/‘Jfiw if? 7&cé‘n ! Q A t g IZRJM Wife n twfi ...
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