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Q1_330p1 - QUIZ 1 Physics 132 Name W’m 3:30 Section 30...

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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ 1 Physics 132 January 15, 2008 Name: W’m. 3:30 Section 30 minutes K 4m C2 a Show all work to receive credit 1 Nm2 . = 9.0 x 109 charge on electron, e = -l.6 x 10']9 C (6 pts) Four point charges A, B, C and D have equal magnitudes Q. Charge A is positive, and charges B, C, and D are negative as shown. They are fixed in place on the same straight line, and adjacent charges are separated by equal distances, d. Calculate the net electrostatic force (magnitude & direction) on the charge at C. Specify direction as left, right, up, down etc. and explain. ...
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