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1-830 - Physics 131 Dongping Zhong Spring 2008 Section...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 131, Dongping Zhong, Spring 2008 Section: 11:30 am Name (PH Y/ 3] Recitation Instructor (circle one): Bolland Barrett Hinton Marginean Merritt Peters Yong Zang QUIZ #1 April 1, 2008 20 points, 18 minutes SCORE l) [6 points] For each motion diagram below, select the letter of the graph that best matches the motion. In all cases, the +x direction is defined to be to the right. (a) (b) (0) (d) (e) (f) t t t t t t 2) [8 points] The graph shows the position of two toy cars on a track. x (a) Circle the letter of each car that is at some point in time at rest® . (b) Circle the letter of each car that at some point in time turns [email protected] B. B (c) Which car experiences the greatest speed? A ® (d) During the time interval between ls and 3s the acceleration of A is: 0 1 2 3 4 5 “5) negative zero 3) [6 points] Sally drives from city A to city B and then to city C. Her average 240 km 80 km speed for the entire trip was 150 km/h. (Not surprisingly, she got a ticket o———-——-o———O during the trip between A and B. Her interaction with the police officer lasted A B C 15 minutes.) Her speed going from B to C was 100 km/h. What was her average speed going from A to B? Show your work for full points. X515 2 (/0 Km Va ‘1 7m “9% A 15/18 ...
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