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Quiz 3 review - QUIZ 3 REVIEW 1. Pavlov found that meat...

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QUIZ 3 REVIEW 1. Pavlov found that meat powder placed on a dog’s tongue will make the dog salivate. In Pavlov’s terms, the meat powder is a. an unconditioned stimulus b. an unconditioned response c. a conditioned stimulus d. a conditioned response 2. In Pavlov’s original experiment on classical conditioning, the unconditioned response (UCR) was a. the sound of a tone b. salivation elicited by a tone c. the presentation of meat powder following a tone d. salivation elicited by meat powder 3. In classical conditioning, the stimulus that naturally evokes an unlearned response is the a. conditioned stimulus b. unconditioned stimulus c. unconditioned reinforcer d. conditioned reinforcer 4. In classical conditioning, the stimulus that is originally neutral in regard to the response to be learned is the a. unconditioned stimulus b. unconditioned response c. conditioned stimulus d. conditioned response 5. Veronica had been working at Zenex Industries for 8 months when her boss asked to see her in his office. She thought he wanted to talk about a promotion so she was quite excited, but instead of giving her a promotion, the boss told Veronica she was being laid off as a result of company downsizing. Veronica could feel her heart pounding as she listened to the news. Veronica was able to get a new job, but every time her new boss asks to talk to her in private, Veronica feels a little faint. In this example, the unconditioned response is a. the bad news from her boss at Zenex Industries b. her new boss asking for a private meeting c. her pounding heart when she heard she was being laid off d. the faintness she feels when her new boss wants to talk to her in private 6. One Saturday, Lacey was sitting at home when the telephone rang. A local company was making promotional calls and told Lacey she had just won a $1000 gift certificate. She felt a rush of excitement at the thought of what she could do with $1000. Now Lacey finds that whenever she hears a telephone ring, she feels a surge
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of excitement. In this example, the rush of excitement that Lacey felt when she heard she had won the gift certificate is a. the conditioned stimulus b. the unconditioned stimulus c. the unconditioned response d. the conditioned response 7. The continued presentation of the CS without the UCS will result in the gradual disappearance of the CR. This phenomenon is known as a. extinction b. inhibition c. suppression d. conditioned forgetting 8. After training one of his dogs to salivate in response to a tone, Pavlov continued to present the tone periodically without the food, with the result that the dog a. kept responding at the same intensity, despite extended exposure to the tone alone b. stopped responding immediately c. initially responded to the tone at an even greater intensity than before d. gradually stopped responding to the tone 9. If a dog salivates to a blue light and not to a yellow light, the dog is showing evidence of a. spontaneous recovery b. conditioned emotional reactions
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Quiz 3 review - QUIZ 3 REVIEW 1. Pavlov found that meat...

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