Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin - Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) "Socialism...

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Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) “Socialism (revolution) in one country.” Marx had emphasized the need for the revolution to spread rapidly among the capitalist countries, and Lenin also believed this at first. But Lenin toward the end began to focus on building the revolution in Russia. Stalin expressed and pushed this idea very much more greatly. First the revolution must be consolidated in Russia. Only later would Russia serve as the center from which it would go forth. In the meantime all effort must be concentrated on building up Russia, even if the revolution had to be sacrificed elsewhere. In the end this came to look like old fashioned national interest politics. Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) “The Permanent Revolution”- The revolution must spread and become worldwide. The underdeveloped state of Russia trying to further Socialism in a world dominated by capitalism is impossible. “Socialism in one country” is a false idea. It fosters nationalism, is contrary to Marx, and tears the revolution from its internationalist path. There were always people within the communist movement who disagreed with the
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Joseph Stalin - Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) "Socialism...

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