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Francois Marie Charles Fourier

Francois Marie Charles Fourier - dirty work They like to...

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Francois Marie Charles Fourier (1772-1837) Human Nature- Uses psychological analysis as basis for his social schemes. There’s a principle of attraction among people. Also people have 12 “passions” in varying degrees, and society is best if it combines people in such a way to best utilize these passions. SO there is a simple best way to organize society. The Good Society- The Phalanx is Fourier’s term for ideal society- a small community of about 1600 people on about 5000 acres of land. This size is just large enough that man’s diverse inclinations and passions will be represented. Members of the phalanx live in one big building or group of buildings enjoying either traditional relationships or “free love”. Each day people would go to work on the phalanx doing the job they felt like doing. Move from job to job to avoid boredom. There would be 135 different work groups. Less pleasant more difficult and dangerous jobs receive higher pay. Could also get youth to do some of the
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Unformatted text preview: dirty work. They like to get dirty and run in gangs anyway, they also like to work together (esp. girls and guys) and could also get appeal to their idealistic patriotism. Friendly competition among work group. “Industrial armies would be organized to do work requiring more than one phalanx. Would eliminate what he called “non-productives”- of 3 types: 1. Domestic parents- women, children and servants. 2.) Social parasites- armies, fiscal of fiscals, people in commerce. 3.) Accessory parasites- idlers and sophists Phalanx to be organized as stock- sharing corporation among 3 groups- workers, managers, furnishers of capital. 5/12 of produce would go to the workers, 4/12 to the managers, 3/12 to capitalists. Capitalist share divided according to number of shares a furnisher of capital bought. Expected first phalanx to be financed by a wealthy capitalist, for whom he wanted at noon each day in his room for 10 years....
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