Marx-Engels - Karl Marx(1818-1883 Friedrich...

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Karl Marx (1818-1883) Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) Communist Manifesto Capital (Das Kapital) On Human Nature Man’s conditions and beliefs are used by his economic situations. Under the economic conditions of capitalism workers are alienated and miserable. Conception of History- Dialectical Materialism Man’s total (span of life) existence on Earth is divided into three stages. 1. Pre History- primitive communism, 2. History and post history- Marx’s ideal communism. History itself is divided into four stages. History can be explained by economics or materialism- this is the basis of all men’s relationships (this philosophy of materialism Marx got from Ludwig Feuerbach). Man’s situation at any given period in history is determined by the economic relationships of that period, particularly the ownership or control of the mean of production. This MOP is the substructure upon which everything else in society is based (Marx calls this everything else the superstructure- its politics, religion, art,
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Marx-Engels - Karl Marx(1818-1883 Friedrich...

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