St Simon - Henri Conte de St. Simon (1760-1825) On Human...

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Henri Conte de St. Simon (1760-1825) On Human Nature Men can are basically good but can be made better by better social schemes and organization. -Men are also rational and can be convinced of these better ideas. As the Good Society - Emphasizes different aspects of his ideology in different periods of his life. 4 periods: 1800-1813 in the plan of a New Society suggests placing decisions making in the hands of the 21 most enlightened scientists and businessmen, this is only one of a number of similar suggestions for putting the true elite- the most qualified people in charge. In another plan scientists would choose the top 3 people in each field of study to be a kind of national think factory. All his plans seem to incorporate elections in the process, but count on people to put the most qualified in charge. Also, those in charge do not rule for their own benefit but put their expertise to work for everyone in a socialist arrangement. 1814-1815- The Golden Age” focuses on his utopian vision of the future. People may be enlightened by leader to see that special and local interests are tied to international interests. Nationalism conflict and wars will cease. Great progress and prosperity will
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St Simon - Henri Conte de St. Simon (1760-1825) On Human...

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