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Math 454, Spring ’08, homework assignment #2, due Feb 14 Problem 1 The Peano curve is a continuous curve r ( t ) = ( x ( t ) , y ( t )) , 0 t 1 which passes through every point of the unit square 0 x, y 1. Explain why it cannot be rectifiable. (Yes, such pathological curves do exist! Both Peano’s four-page paper in Math. Ann 36, 1890 and Hilbert’s paper in Math. Ann. 38, 1891, just under two pages, are available on the web. You don’t need to know the explicit construction to solve this problem.) Problem 2 The Cauchy–Crofton formula for the arc length states that 2 L = ZZ Ndpdθ. Use it to find the arc length of a quarter circle. (Apply the formula directly, do not reduce to the case of the full circle.) Problem 3 Dido’s problem asks to find among the arcs of given length L with end- points on a straight line the arc which together with the line segment between the endpoints encloses the region of maximal area (draw a picture!).
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