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Robert Owen

Robert Owen - Robert Owen(1771-1858 On Human Nature Man is...

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Unformatted text preview: Robert Owen (1771-1858) On Human Nature Man is totally a product of his environment. Men of affairs can use their influence to bring about a better world by promoting a better society and better education to make better people. On Social Reform Appalled by the bad conditions of the workers in Britain’s textile mills, Owen set about to improve conditions in his own mills. Children particularly, were a concern, for kids under eight became, as Owen said, “dwarfs in body and mind” under these conditions. He ran his own mills according to very enlightened principles for the day: Cut work day to about 10 ½ hours, improved housing and working conditions, refused to hire children under 10, and insisted that children under that age go to school. And when the mills were shot down Owen continued to pay full wages. Owen’s treatment of his workers rebounded to his own success. Probably because his workers were healthier and happier, Owen’s mills were extremely profitable. Owen tried to convince his fellow businessmen to follow his example arguing were extremely profitable....
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