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envs 3 - Jordan Anderson Friday 9 AM Word Count 1161 The...

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Jordan Anderson Friday 9 AM Word Count: 1161 The Deep Ecology platform, presented Arne Naess, would result in a radically different world in which we live. It is based upon 8 underlying principles that the majority of people agree upon, yet people do not necessarily act in support of these claims. Naess contrasts “deep’ ecology with “shallow” ecology which treats the world as a collection of resources for human use. Both ecologies intend to solve environmental problems, but they go about it in very different ways. “Deep” ecology looks at all life as having intrinsic value and therefore environmental conservation is improving the well being of all life forms, not just humans. A shift in western science to deep ecology is essential for humans to return to a state of equilibrium, living in sustainable communities around the globe. Yet this is such a radical change that small steps need to be taken in order to reach that goal. “Shallow” ecology in general does focus on the human benefits of protecting the environment, but it is a step in the right direction. According to Naess, the difference in deep and shallow ecology is the level of questioning that goes on. Shallow ecology does not reexamine the root causes of environmental problems. It continues the belief that to solve these problems we should continues with business as usual, using technology to progress to higher state of living with less of an impact on the earth. By not questioning our basic cultural beliefs, which are the root causes of environmental problems, we only try to solve the proximate causes such as fossil fuel burning causing global warming.
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Deep ecology on the other hand is based upon a ‘deep’ level of questioning that leads to a broader perspective on life. It can help us discover what fundamental values
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