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Week 2 Readings Jordan Anderson Environmental Justice is a civil rights/human rights movement focusing on empowering typically poor colored peoples by improving their standard of living and the environment they live in. There is a link between poverty and pollution. Industrial, municipal and commercial operations are often in poverty stricken areas, and the pollution they give off is an externality the community suffers from. Resource exploitation in Third World countries occurs because the U.S. and other industrial societies cannot control consumption levels and need to take resources of other peoples/lands. Often Industrial societies do not accept that native people can effectively manage their natural resources and therefore are left out of decision making Examples: Mining Codes vs. Native Land Rights in Philippines: Pollution from Gold and Copper mining spilled an estimate 4 million tons of mine tailings. Within 5 days a 40-mile stretch of the Boac River was declared biologically dead. Mining company refuses to take responsibility and pulled out in 2001, leaving a
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