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Jordan Anderson Geog 143 Tues. 8AM Exercise 2 1. The plotting frame for this graph shows time in years on the x-axis. The y-axis shows any given years temperature in relation to an overall average. The data being plotted is a summary or average of the range in globe temperature over the span of one year and the line of the graph shows the average temperature for each year. The vertical bar representing each year shows the uncertainty in the data, differing from the average for each year. The overall message of this graph is that global mean temperature has been rising since 1880 and most dramatically in the past 25 years or so. 2. The graph plotting the upper atmosphere describes the annual temperature of the Stratosphere since 1978 and to the present. The graph which depicts the surface and mid troposphere show annual temperature for both areas, from 1950 to present, which has an overall warming trend. The stratosphere graph does not have an overall trend, but shows anomalies in the temperature that occur in 1982,
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