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geog 5 - Jordan Anderson Geog 143 Exercise 5 Tuesday 8 AM 1...

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Jordan Anderson Geog 143 Exercise 5 Tuesday 8 AM 1. The Precipitation map the most resembles the vegetation map to me is the Annual Total Precipitation. In the very dry areas that have almost no precipitation the vegetation is representative with deserts. In the very wet areas with a lot of precipitation the vegetation correlates with Tropical Evergreen Forest/Woodland. Out of the two energy variables, average annual temperature roughly correlates to the vegetation. In hot areas there are usually either deserts, or tropical forests and in the cold areas mostly tundra is present. 2. There is a very close correlation between soil moisture and vegetation, with little or no water in the soil not many things will be able to grow. Areas that have between 20 mm to 0 mm of soil moisture deserts, grasslands and shrublands. Yet not necessarily all places with low soil moisture will be deserts, grasslands or shrublands. In the high latitudes of North America and Northern Eurasia there is low soil moisture content full of Boreal and Evergreen Forests, and Tundra. These
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