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Jordan Anderson GEOG 143 Exercise 4 Tues. 8AM 1. GHG emissions have steadily increased over the interval 1990-2004. The total amount of emissions is much greater than the amount of sinks; therefore the emissions influence the net emissions the most. Of the four major sources of GHG emissions, HFC’s PFC’s and SF6 have increased the fastest, by 57.5% from 1990- 2004. 2. The individual source that has increased the most in absolute is fossil fuel combustion of CO2 by 960. The source that has increased the most in relative is the substitution of ozone depleting substances by 25,845.2%. The greatest decrease in a source’s effect on GHG emissions in absolute is that of iron and steel production by 33.7. The biggest decrease by source in relative is that of aluminum production by 84.5%. 3. The Transportation sector has increased the most over time. The Industrial sector itself has decreased since around 1996. Technically, the overall emissions have not decreased since 1990, but it is showing a downward trend in the past 10 years
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