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Jordan Anderson GEOG 143 Tuesday 8AM Exercise 3 1. Emission scenarios are images of the future that show how the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will increase over a certain period of time. These scenarios are able to project a general representation of future climate. Some basic knowledge needed is the current rate of GHG emissions and how that will increase or decrease over the years. Along with this is to project changes in technology, demographics and the economy will effect emissions. Different scenarios will show what happens with changes in energy sources and land-use. I feel this approach is reasonable because it takes into account what will happen if we continue to live as we do, or we change our habits. 2. Each report follows a general structure in the following order: General description of IPCC, Summary for the Policymakers, Technical Summary and the overall report itself. The strategy of the IPCC is to first explain to the policymaker a summary of climate change and shed some light on what can be done to combat
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