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Jordan Anderson Friday 9 AM Word Count 3. In Voices from White Earth Winonna LaDuke, comes to the conclusion that her society and other indigenous cultures can survive without industrial society. Yet she is not sure that Industrial society can continue without indigenous cultures. She explains this by contrasting Indigenous Thinking and Industrial Thinking, mainly that of the United States. Indigenous thinking is based on following natural law and a cyclical concept of time. From these beliefs comes a respect for nature and a conscious effort to keep the natural world in a state of balance. In contrast, Industrial Thinking is based on human domination and a linear concept of time. This perspective creates a superiority of humans over the natural world which is based on the continuous progress of man throughout history. An Industrial worldview could not survive alone because it throws nature out of a state of equilibrium. Eventually this unbalanced earth would not have enough resources to sustain industrial societies and our culture would collapse. LaDuke is a member of the Anishinabeg tribe. They have one word that describes living in harmony with the natural law: minobimaatissiwin. It is what they strive for as individuals and a society, to live in a state of equilibrium with the land and all things animate. From living in accordance with the natural law and a state of balance comes the idea that time is cyclical. To prove this all one needs to do is look out at nature. The movements of the moon and the seasons are cycles. Also our bodies are a cycle, created from the earth and returning to the land in death. Belief in the natural law is to accept a
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cyclical worldview, and live accordingly. By viewing nature as a cycle, indigenous people strive to keep nature in balance. This is done by careful management of the land
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envs 2 - Jordan Anderson Friday 9 AM Word Count 3 In Voices...

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