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Jordan Anderson GEOG 143 Exercise 8 Tuesday 8 AM 1. There is a general relationship between flow regulation and population; more dams are built in high populated areas. There is a need to supply this high population with water resources, so water is regulated with dams to provide easier access for the increasing population. Runoff and flow regulation seem to be quite independent of each other. Some places with high runoff have high flow regulation, but most have moderate or no flow regulation. This happens in the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere and the tropical rainforest of South America. The reason for this is that they are low populated areas and even if water runoff resources are high, not enough people are there to exploit it. 2. Protected watersheds and wetlands seem to be located in areas from mid to high amounts of precipitation. When looking at runoff and soil moisture a similar trend occurs, except in Indonesia and Northeast Canada. Here there is a very high runoff level, but almost no protected watersheds or Ramsar sites are present. Northeast Canada could be explained by having a low population that does not
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