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geog 6 - Jordan Anderson GEOG 143 Tuesday 8 AM Exercise 6 1...

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Jordan Anderson GEOG 143 Tuesday 8 AM Exercise 6 1. The main difference between the two maps, spanning almost 30 years, is that there has been a big spreading of urban development onto farmland and wetland areas. By replacing a natural surface such as farmland or wetlands with cement and roads for urban life this greatly dries up the surface-water hydrology. With more people there is an increased demand for water, yet there is less groundwater due to the removal of natural farmlands and wetlands. The angular shapes and sharp edges on large patches of land are farmland. In 2002 most of the large areas have been replaced with small shapes designating houses, buildings and other man-made structures. 2. As of 2006 I would say maybe up to 50% of the 2006 urbanized area has been built on the alluvial fans surrounding the central part of the city. This is very dangerous because the foundations of the houses or building are at risk being built on unstable land. A flood that carried the sediments of the alluvial fan in the past,
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