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power of light

power of light - Jordan Anderson ARH 452 Andrew Shulz...

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Jordan Anderson ARH 452 Andrew Shulz December 5, 2006 The Expressive Power of Light Symbolism is based on expressing the inner ideas and emotions of an artist through form and symbol. In nature there are many natural forms and forces that are able to evoke deep emotions. The most dominating and powerful force in this solar system is that of the sun. It radiates light to earth everyday with very expressive colors of red, orange and yellow, evoking a sense of warmth and joy in times of happiness. The sight of a beautiful sunset or sunrise relates to a play of associations. Watching a sunrise brings memories of waking up to hear birds singing on a beautiful spring day. A sunset can trigger the memory of the magnificent colors of orange, purple, pink stretching across the sky. Also at other times it can be a harsh turbulent force, beating down on our backs. Memories involving the pain of a sunburn or the blinding reflection from a body of water can put us on edge. We depend on the sun every day, as it is our only source of light. Van Gogh believed the sun was not only a source of light, but also the bringer of life itself. Though the sun is the only natural form of light, art has the ability to create light from supernatural forms. In many religious paintings there will be a halo of light above Christ, expressing his spiritual powers, just as the sun has the power to give life. The creator of this light is God, a supernatural force, not the sun. Also humans can create light within themselves through deep meditation brining about moments of bliss. This exhibition is meant to show the power of using light in art. Its amazing ability to evoke a range of human emotions and at the same time, express the beauty of nature. This
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exhibition would be shown in a dome, the circular form representing the sun. There is an outer circle where the first 12 paintings hang and an inner circle emphasizing the last 5. I would like to begin with Vincent Van Gogh’s The Sower , which combines both nature and man. The figure is alone in a field, lost in his thoughts. As the sun is setting/rising it hovers above the sower’s head in a halo. The connection between nature and man expresses the power of the sun to exalt man to a religious, spiritual state.
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power of light - Jordan Anderson ARH 452 Andrew Shulz...

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