Psych of Aging Notes March 25

Psych of Aging Notes March 25 - Psychology of Aging Lecture...

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Psychology of Aging Lecture Notes March 25, 2008 Language - What are the effects of aging on Language?? Better or worse with time?? The Score Card: Factors that contribute to decline Factors that contribute to preservation Slower reading rate Semantic memory is retained or greater Changes in hearing a speech preservation Able to get the ‘gist’ of a story Slowing of cognitive functions No problem with paralinguistic elements of speech Retrieval Deficits Activate the right hemisphere more Simpler grammatical structures Greater Experience with language Working memory deficits More cognitive complexity The Social Elements of Language Age Related Changes Elderspeak Further Declines THE COMMUNICATION PREDICAMENT MODEL- if you treat someone in a child-like manner, they will actually start to act more like a child. Class results for ‘Elderspeak’ survey: How do older adults prefer to be called? o By their LAST name, but they’re usually called by their first name, Honey, or Dear. Should older adults talk about the past? o Yes, but they are normally discouraged from doing so. _______________________________________________________ ______ Transform current state into desired state “problem” of problem solving occurs when insufficient information is provided.
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Avoiding the “attraction effect” in older vs. younger adults -Young adults are more likely to fall for the attraction effect than older
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Psych of Aging Notes March 25 - Psychology of Aging Lecture...

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