MEDANTH THM- 2 - Aynsley Merk Medical Anthropology 227:...

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Aynsley Merk Medical Anthropology 227: Take-Home Midterm- Question 2 The expression socio-cultural refers to both social and cultural matters. How people interact based on their cultural background and experiences. It is the idea that an accumulation of political, historical and moral factors make up a distinct and distinguishable culture, in spite of cultural diffusion. Sociosomatics encompasses the concept that society, an individual’s culture, influences overall health, though our Western Biomedical system can often overlook this relationship. Arthur Kleinmen seems to have taken this idea and created a word that both visually and semantically merges mind, body and culture. However, prior to this the concept sociosomatics has provided a vital part of the foundation of medical anthropology. Illness is thought to be a division of sickness which, as opposed to disease, “… encompasses the human experience and perceptions of alterations in health as informed by their broader and social and cultural meanings” (Brown, 9). If this definition is used it is impossible to disagree with the title claim as all three find their roots in society. E. Evans Pritchard, in the 1930’s began fieldwork with the Azande, traditional African
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MEDANTH THM- 2 - Aynsley Merk Medical Anthropology 227:...

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