2 - Analysis of Non-Fiction Texts Human Capital Human...

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Human Capital Human Capital is defined as “A measure of the economic value of an employee's skill set” . David Brooks addresses the issue of the human capital and how society today is slowly deviating away from it . Brooks has been a writer for the New York Times for five years now . He focuses mainly on cultural and political issues and has become an influential columnist . Brooks wrote this column, Psst-Human Capital to inform people about the issue of human capital . He does an excellent job stating the problem with today’s society and human capital, but he does not suggest any solutions for the problem . Human capital should be more recognized by our society, and actions should be taken to preserve human capital and make it more a part of society . Brooks splits up Human Capital into five separate groups: Cultural Capital, Social Capital, Moral Capital, Cognitive Capital, and Aspirationa l Capital . Brooks describes cultural capital as “the habits, assumptions, emotional dispositions and linguistic capacities unconsciously picked up from families, neighbors and ethnic groups” . Meaning as children, we learn about culture and society usually from the people around us . Children can be molded and told what to believe, and that will affect how they grow up and live their life . Social capital, according to Brooks, is “the knowledge of how to behave in groups and within institutions . Basically it means etiquette and how to act when in the presence of people . Good manners are
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2 - Analysis of Non-Fiction Texts Human Capital Human...

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