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Exam #1 Study Guide for SS3410 You may bring this study guide with your notes on it to use during the exam. Other than the front and back side of this one sheet of paper, you may not use any other class materials during the exam. A. Be able to define the following terms in 1-2 sentences: 1. Globalization 2. Classical liberalism 3. Keynesianism 4. Neoliberalism 5. Discourse 6. Hegemony 7. Counter-hegemony 8. Regime 9. Structural adjustment 10. HIPC initiative B. I will ask you to answer some of the following in 2-3 sentences: 1. In what ways does the Fahnbulleh article illustrate a Keynesian economic orientation? 2. How did the definition of “development” in the World Bank change over time? 3. What kinds of global exchanges does the WTO regulate? 4. According to Peet, whose interests do the WTO, World Bank, and IMF ultimately serve? 5. What is “conditionality” in the context of Peet’s discussion of the World Bank and IMF? 6.
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