3910EME - Outer/Inner History of Early Modern English,...

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Outer/Inner History of Early Modern English, 1500-1800 1) Introduction and dissemination of printing - - made books cheap, led to increased demand--in English, not Latin (“they wrote in their language, why can’t we?”) - nationalism/patriotism - need for translations from Latin and Greek loanwords - first time authors able to make living from writing (with patronage) - - raised desire for linguistic self-improvement 2) the Renaissance - - religious works (Erasmus, Calvin, Luther translated from Latin in 16th c.) - Latin: adapt, benefit, eradicate, exist Greek, via Latin: anachronism, atmosphere, chaos, enthusiasm Greek: anonymous, catastrophe, thermometer, tonic - model for English lit - but made English look problematic by comparison (set up moves for improvement of language) 3) the Protestant Reformation - consequence of Henry VIII disputes with the Pope, separation of church & state - - Authorized King James version, 1611 (about 8000 words only) - - broke church’s monopoly on education 4) the enclosures, growth of cities - 15th-17th century consolidation of tenants’ land - - - increasing leisure of middle class, time for education 5) The rise of science and Industrial Revolution - due to Scots inventor and engineer James Watt’s improvements on steam engine
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3910EME - Outer/Inner History of Early Modern English,...

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