3910Intro2 - HU3910 Introductory notes Why we need to have...

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HU3910 Introductory notes Why we need to have a phonetic alphabet 1) Too many different ways to spell one sound, e.g., /i/: see sea be recei ve belie ve key ski safety impe de peo ple Phoe be Leigh Ae sop Marquis tortill a Guy quay 2) Too many pronunciations for one spelling: -ough- rough, tough [^f] cough [af] through [u] slough dough [o] thorough Houghton bough [aw] bought [ t] (backwards “c”; also called “open o”) 3) English is not a see-and-say system, unlike many other languages (due to borrowings, scribal origins, etc.) Compare Spanish or Swahili 4) Problems with fitting about 42 sounds of English into a 26 symbol system. 5) Need a system with 1-to-1 correspondence of sound to symbol. Therefore, need IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) 6) “International” because we should be able to record and read back any language (and we will do many) 1
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English: < Englisc , derived from name for Angles (O.E. Engle). Used for all varieties descended from lang. spoken in Britain, incl. American English. language: humans’ use of spoken or written symbols to express or communicate thoughts and feelings linguistics: the scientific study of language history: “a narrative of events, a story” (Am. Heritage) external: geographical, cultural, political, social, economic influences internal: changes in the pronunciation, spelling, lexicon, grammar of the language Why does language change? External change • contact through migration, conquest, … substrate superstrate • interim mixtures pidgin creole basilect acrolect post-creole • linguistic accommodation, social prestige e.g., king of Spain who lisped • spelling pronunciation often • separation political (US from Britain)
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3910Intro2 - HU3910 Introductory notes Why we need to have...

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