3910 S08 Ex#2 - HU3910 Language Issues in the World Take...

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HU3910 Language Issues in the World Take Home Exam #2 Given: Friday, 4/4/08 Due: by the start of class (hard-copy only), Friday 4/10/08 Remember: There is NO official class on Tuesday, 4/8, but I will be in the classroom to answer questions during the class period. Use that time to work on your exams! Directions: • Do QUESTION #1 (parts a, b, and c) plus EITHER #2 or #3. • Note the page totals equal about 6 pages for the two full answers. • You may consult Wikipedia or outside sources 1. The linguistic implications of “soft power” (65%) [ Write between 800-1200 words, about 4 pages .] Consider the mechanisms of language spread as discussed by Ostler concerning what makes a language become a major player in the world scene. Ponder them in relationship to the growth of (Mandarin) Chinese, particularly in the face of a new policy of “soft power” (see the definition and a short discussion in the article attached below), in response to the following questions: a) How does China’s “soft power” affect the spread of Chinese (Mandarin) as compared to spread of the English languages? What are some concrete similarities and differences? Do you see differences in the potential scope of the two languages? b) What kinds of (linguistic) resistance do you see to learning Mandarin (see especially Chapter 14 of Ostler)? c) Speculate on what you think will be the impact of Mandarin on local minority languages outside of China but within the East Asian sphere (e.g., on the Philippine or other Pacific Islands).
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3910 S08 Ex#2 - HU3910 Language Issues in the World Take...

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